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REFIT Studio Classes


We offer weekly classes to accommodate any fitness level or ability.  It's hard to call it a "workout" when you're having so much fun.  


Get ready for a fitness experience like no other! This cardio-focused class combines powerful moves with positive music for a challenging, effective and FUN workout.  This class is perfect for beginners and will challenge fitness enthusiasts.  Simplistic movements and upbeat music will leave you sweating, smiling, and feeling stronger – body, mind, and soul.  Bring your best hair toss and rockstar attitude – or get ready to discover both!      


Rev up the heat and burn, baby, burn.  This class dials down the pace and cranks up the intensity by connecting strength, balance, and flexibility.  Repetitive movements and empowering rhythms are paired to work your entire body.  So you can expect to get strong and lean from head to toe...and leave renewed from the inside, out.


The REFIT® Studio in Waco is the only official REFIT Studio in the U.S, but licensed instructors hold classes in locations all over the world.  Learn more about how to get involved in your own revolutionary community.